Haymarket Beer Company has been brewing beer for over 10 years. In 2016 they expanded with the opening of a new Brewery and Taproom in Bridgman, Michigan. With the new production capabilities they decided to begin packaging their beer in cans.

One of the main objectives of this project was to bring the history of the haymarket riots to life through the characters involved. Haymarket commissioned John Airo for the artwork, whose very distinct style aligned with the brand. The design I created allows for the can to be identifiable from all angles, highlighting the Haymarket H that has been an iconic symbol of the brewery since they began. I wanted to create this element to allow for fluidity in design moving forward for limited release and seasonal cans. This allowed for design to change and adapt, but still tie the cans together as a family.

This project also consisted of a evolutionary brand refresh, slightly modifying the logo with new artwork and creating a lockup that could be used for both locations. I simplified the design by removing the hop graphic from the type, but retaining that element in the H for continuity.