KCD Brands asked us to develop a logo for the Kenmore Protection Agreement Plan. This additional plan was a separate purchase that offers coverage above and beyond the standard warranty. Product replacement, repairs, service and technical assistance are included. There were several different types of plans available for purchase (from Value to Master), but the initial request was for one master logo. The protection agreement is offered on Kenmore home appliances, such as washers & dryers, fridges & freezer, ovens and dishwashers. It was originally developed to live online, yet there was an extension for print and collateral.

Having worked for the brand for over 2 years, this was a fun project to see my branding come to fruition. They have always been a great client to work with over the many years. The double shield signified the added protection since this was beyond the standard warranty, and I utilized the iconic Kenmore graphic, while still retaining dimension with the two tones on inner shield since it was designed for digital first. The two tone effect was not utilized in the iconography due to the size on the web.