BRANDING, signage, & collateral 

With over 700 attendees, the New Founders Conference was a huge success! It was great to see so many progressive innovators come together and work towards progress. NewFounders is a Chicago-based organization comprised of tech and design experts out of Google, Microsoft, Apple, the Obama 2012 campaign and various startups, with a common goal to inject the best tech and design thinking into politics to reconnect it to people. Led by co- founder Genevieve Thiers, NewFounders’ first tool, the EveryElection app, was launched in July 2017 with over 14 major partners. It features the biggest database of elections in the US and pushes alerts to everyday voters for over 300,000 elections, including name of election, location, incumbent, challengers, deadlines, etc. NewFounders launched a new product “Changemaker,” at the conference. Changemaker is a platform built by several organizations, it allows activists to donate to critical projects in addition to forming teams around them.

It was an unbelievable experience to do the branding for this conference as a freelance designer and art director, as well as develop the logo along with all the signage and collateral pieces for something that is actually creating change within so many aspects of the electoral process and much more within the political system.